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People who say money cannot buy happiness do not know where to shop !

In today's world, money may not guarantee happiness but to be happy without money is near to impossible. R. K. Financial Solution Group (RKFS Group) truly believes in empowering your money- the most valuable tool not just to survive & be happy but also to safeguard your future.

With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, we are a one stop shop for all your finance & investment management solutions delivered with the most personalized & professional attitude and transparent & ethical business practices.

Our Skill Set…

Under the guidance of our MD - Dr. R.K Gupta, a Doctorate in Commerce, a thorough professional and a renowned name in the finance sector, our team represents a skill set that is mutually exclusive & collectively exhaustive. We aim to continuously innovate & reinvent ourself to be in synch with the ever-changing environment.

Our Strength…

Our research team offers financial information, analysis and investment guidance, news & views and is designed to meet the requirements of everyone from a learner to a tech savvy and well informed investor. It is involved in fundamental, technical, company; sector and economy specific research amalgamated with a strong and well networked marketing team that helps deliver current & up to date market information at your doorstep. Our Vast Network, Sound Research Based Advice, Complete Investment Solutions and Hassle free Trading & Operational platform is the key to success. The company has grown from strength to strength having a chain of more than 80 offices across the nation and a huge network of VSAT's, lease lines & modems.

Our Values…

Innovation and pursuit of excellence in Research, Advisory and Investments. Integrity, Honesty, Fairness, Openness and Transparency in our conduct and transactions. We recognize, respect and value the diversity within the organization and our customers. Earned Trust, Faith and Belief of more than 100,000 Investors. We value and support our staff, and committed to developing them in order to deliver our vision for policing. Our staff plays a key role in shaping and improving the service delivered by RKFS. Our staff understands 'what' they need to deliver and the 'standards' we expect of them. We have accountability for performance at all levels of the organization. Effective communication network system which share and provide the right information at the right time to our customers We Respect All, Take Responsibility, Think Positively, Respond Rapidly and Enjoy to Work.


Dear R.K Group associates! These are difficult times for businesses but, however gloomy the environment, R.K group's spirits are not dampened. On the contrary, R.K Growth plans are well in place. It's a pleasure to report that we have witnessed least downside in our operating income as compared to the other broking players.
We have now adopted a very aggressive strategy to promote business in all segments : equities, commodities, mutual funds, insurance & IPO. Strong management, a diversification model & superior research capabilities not just instill confidence in our growth prospects but also lead to successful de-risking of our revenues greater profitability.
We take pride in bringing to your notice the milestones achieved by the RK group in the past few months: Setting up of our first Zonal office (Janak Puri, New Delhi) Setting up of new branch offices (Amritsar & Dehradun) Full fledged entry into the Insurance & Mutual Funds business First successful Franchisee meet held in New Delhi (Feb, 2009) Setting up a Customer Care cell In order to help drive service standards, we are already investing in professional development, franchisee meets, training & development & customer care. We will soon visit all our franchisees and organize training sessions & seminars to help you build your business. The company is also in the process of releasing several promotional policies offering attractive prizes and incentives for franchisees, employees as well as clients.
We are focused on expanding our area of operations & growth of all businesses at a synergistic rapid pace.Its time for you to reorganize & steal advantage of multiple revenue streams along with the sector that you are already focusing on. We wish you good luck to make significant advances & profits in this direction!
We assure you that building a relationship of trust with our clients & associates is an integral part of our growth. We once again take this opportunity to congratulate each one of you for contributing to the company's growth!

Our Vision : The Vision of RKFS group is to become the first choice to the customers by being a one stop shop for all the investments and financial services and with the highest level of client's satisfaction & greatest achiever of their confidence & trust.
In order to achieve our vision.... We believe in delivering the best to our customers at all levels. And We believe in developing and maintaining long term relationship with them.

Our Mission :We Value our Customer's Trust and are committed to upholding it at all costs. We believe that no automated system can be a substitute for the human touch. We combine our Research, IT Strengths, Ethical business practices and "Customer First Attitude" to provide you end-to-end Research, Investment and Financial Management Solutions.

Our Philosophy :Our Organizational Culture, Structure and Processes reflects our Understanding - that Successful Business Relationships are Built on Long Term Mutual gain for all aspects of personal Wealth Creation.

We are into Making Relationship not making Clients. We believe on, "TOGETHER WE CAN AND WE WILL ACHIEVE NEW HEIGHTS OF SUCCESS."

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